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Using AngularJS with SharePoint 2013 – Build Single Page Applications (SPA)

This will be first of 2 presentations at Atlanta SharePoint Saturday on June 21, 2014. Using AngularJS with SharePoint 2013 – Build Single Page Applications (SPA) MVC/MVVM frameworks attempts to separate the UI development from the behavior and business logic of an app... [More]

SQL Server 2012 Analysis Service (Tabular model) 1103 error

Encountered errors when executing any of these steps:   1) Restoring analysis tabular model database resulted in incompatible settings error (SQL Server 2012 installed using SP1 slipstreamed) 2) Trying to deploy the tabular model via Visual studio also failed with 1103 version compatibility ... [More]

SharePoint 2013 BI - Actionable Analytics

My session at GR8 conference. Filled with real world demos... Attend if you can... This session focuses on Microsoft BI technologies and its abilities to make advanced analytics easy to use, accessibl... [More]

SharePoint 2013 Migration - Seminar

Check out my SharePoint 2013 Migration session on Feb 7, 2013.  Event location: MTC, New York. Session details • Create a smart SharePoint migration plan • Mobilize your SharePoint platform • Move your SharePoint content directly from 2007 to 2013 • Empower your IT st... [More]

SharePoint 2013 Thesaurus Import

Thesaurus Import is via PowerShell in SharePoint 2013. Synonyms are defined in the CSV file and imported. Sample powershell script... $filePath = Read-Host 'Enter FILE path.. Ex:\\server\sharedfolder\filename.csv'if ($filePath){$searchApp = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication Import-SPEn... [More]